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2019 - 2020 RDA Tryouts

Current RDA players do not need to register and pay. We will be in touch with you directly with further information.


Tryout rounds for 2019-2020 have come to a close. However, if you're still interested in trying out for the RDA, please contact Academy Director Scott Gibson directly at

As we move into the new season, we are focused on growing the RDA program across many levels. There will be improvements to the overall structure of the program, and we will be adding those improvements over the coming weeks on this webpage. We will have a fully revamped coaching staff that will be announced shortly, along with team information packets for every team that will be downloadable PDFs on this page. The packets will include all information relevant to that team, answer a lot of questions about the RDA and have all program details included.

Another area of focus throughout this period is the growth of our RDA II platform. The RDA II teams will be offered at wider range of age groups and will follow a full-year calendar of training and games, thus allowing more players in the area a chance to play and train in the RDA. Coaches will be assigned to these teams and there will be opportunities throughout the year for players to advance into the RDA team at his/her respective age group based on performance. In youth development, certain players need a little more time to fully develop. This level of the RDA will allow for that growth.

Our RDA teams are official members of the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL). The league is an outstanding platform for our players. Please take the time to read up on the league at the links below. The level of competition, exposure, experience and overall quality is unrivaled in the area. This starts at the U13 (2006) age group and older for the girls, and the U14 (2005) age group and older for the boys.

Girls ECNL -

Boys ECNL -

To prepare for the ECNL, our younger teams currently take part in the Ohio North Premier League in the fall and spring. The league provides our U10-U12 RDA teams the opportunity to get high-level games against clubs such that are extremely strong in Ohio. In addition to the leagues mentioned, all our teams will attend selected tournaments throughout the year. To round off the calendars, we have our younger teams participate in the Cool Springs league and have our own PPL league we run over the winter. Please see all of the information in the team packets below.


As we come out of tryouts, the plan will be to have the lineup of teams below. 


U10 (2010) – Rich Hackenberg
U11 (2009) – Riley Butler
U12 (2008) – Greg Annan
U13 (2007) ECNL – Stephen Okai
U14 (2006) ECNL – Rob Vincent
U15 (2005) ECNL – Scott Gibson / Mike Proviano
U16 (2004) ECNL – John Rotz / Mike Proviano
U17 (2003) ECNL – Scott Gibson / Kevin Kerr
U18.19 (2002.2001) ECNL – Rob Vincent / Scott Gibson
U18.19 (2002.2001) COMPOSITE TEAM – Stephen Okai / Rob Vincent

RDA II Girls:

U12.U13 (2008.2007) RDA II Girls - Eric Lancy
U15 (2005) RDA II ECNL Regional League Girls - Mike Proviano
U16 (2004) RDA II ECNL Regional League Girls - Mike Proviano
U17 (2003) RDA II ECNL Regional League Girls - Riley Butler

Please see the teams packets below: You will find information on all teams in the PDF's below.


U10 (2010) – Rich Hackenberg
U11 (2009) – Bryan Cartwright
U12 (2008) – Stephen Okai
U13 (2007) – John Rotz
U14 (2006) ECNL – Kevin Kerr / Dave Nicholas
U15 (2005) ECNL – Justin Evans
U16 (2004) ECNL – Dave Nicholas 
U17 (2003) ECNL – Dave Nicholas
U18.19 (2002.2001) ECNL – Bryan Cartwright

RDA II Boys:

U11 (2009) - Bryan Cartwright
U12 (2008) - Riley Butler
U13 (2007) - John Rotz
U14 (2006) - Rich Hackenberg
U15.16 (2005.2004) - TBD
U17.18 (2003.2002) - Bryan Cartwright


Please see the teams packets below: You will find information on all teams in the PDF's below.

Additional Staff

Jason Kutney - Lead Technical Trainer

Mike Whiteman and Amy Wisniowski - Speed and Strength

Hunter Gilstrap, Will Marshall and T.J. Cherry - RDA Goalkeeping

How the Tryout Process Works

At each age group, RDA Staff will assess players through both technical and tactical performance levels, seeking to identify players who possess a high level of competency on the ball, an attitude to consistently compete with peers and a commitment to excellence.

A player only needs to attend one tryout for his/her respective age group.  A single tryout costs $10. If a family selects more than one date,  $10 will be charged per tryout. 

Tryout Locations:
Highmark Stadium - 510 West Station Square Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Coraopolis - Montour Junction Sports Complex, 2419 State Avenue, Coraopolis, PA 15108

All players are to register for tryouts that correspond to their birth year unless otherwise instructed by the RDA Directors.


In an effort to help young players more fully understand the concept of professionalism, the RDA requires players selected out of tryouts to provide a Letter of Recommendation, or Character Reference, prior to final acceptance into the program. The Character Reference can be obtained from a teacher or local community leader who can speak on behalf of the player’s attitude, interaction with others and overall commitment to excellence. The Character Reference will be a mandatory final step in the tryout process and apply to all players Under-12 and older.

Players DO NOT NEED to provide a Character Reference in order to participate in the tryouts. This is a final step for players who are selected following participation in the full slate of tryouts.


Scott Gibson

Scott Gibson

Academy Director

Phone: (412) 325-7226