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RDA Tryouts

RDA TRYOUTS - 2021-2022 Season - How to become a hound!

Winter RDA Tryouts 

We will be hosting a round of RDA Winter Tryouts the week of Monday December 13th, 2021. All of the information and registration information will be live on Monday November 29th.

If you have a child interested in the Pittsburgh Riverhounds Development Academy, please send the following information across to Scott Gibson. We will still be evaluating players on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Player Name

We will then work to get your child into an upcoming session for an evaluation.

Do you want to be part of something special?
Do you want want be part of the leading youth development league platform for both boys and girls... The ECNL?
Do you want to be part of the ECNL Regional League (RDAII) platform for both boys and girls?
Do you want to compete in the Pre-ECNL league (U10-U12) for both boys and girls next season?

Now is the time to join! 

Quick facts:

  • The RDA is the only ECNL club in the area
  • A player only needs to register for one tryout date
  • Current RDA players do not need to register this way. We will be in touch directly.
  • Feedback from the evaluation will be quick and efficient
  • We accept highlight videos – these can be emailed directly to the contact below
  • The RDA has launched a fall program for high school-aged players who are not participating in high school soccer

Quick Links:

Below you will see the following images and Information:

  1. RDA Tryout Dates
  2. Academy Growth Structure
  3. Potential Pathway of a player
  4. 2021-2022 RDA Teams



U18.19 (2004.2003) Girls - ECNL
U17 (2005) Girls - ECNL
U16 (2006) Girls - ECNL
U15 (2007) Girls - ECNL
U14 (2009) Girls - ECNL
U13 (2009) Girls - ECNL
U12 (2010) Girls - PRE-ECNL
U11 (2011) Girls - PRE-ECNL
U10 (2012) Girls - PRE-ECNL
U9 (2013) Girls - Entry Level - Events

U18.19 (2004.2003) Boys - ECNL
U17 (2005) Boys - ECNL
U16 (2006) Boys - ECNL
U15 (2007) Boys - ECNL
U14 (2008) Boys - ECNL
U13 (2009) Boys - ECNL
U12 (2010) Boys - PRE-ECNL
U11 (2011) Boys - PRE-ECNL
U10 (2012) Boys - PRE-ECNL
U9 (2013) Boys - Entry Level - Events

Our RDA II Teams will also have a full competitive league platform through the ECNL Regional League:

U18.19 (2004.2003) - ECNL Regional League
U17 (2005) Girls II - ECNL Regional League
U16 (2006) Girls II - ECNL Regional League
U15 (2007) Girls II - ECNL Regional League
U14 (2008) Girls II - ECNL Regional League
U13 (2009) Girls II - ECNL Regional League
U12 (2010) Girls II - GLA
U11 (2011) Girls II - GLA
U10 (2012) Girls II - GLA

U18.19 (2004.2003) II Boys - GLA
U17 (2005) Boys II - GLA
U16 (2006) Boys II - GLA
U15 (2007) Boys II - GLA
U14 (2008) Boys II - GLA
U13 (2009) Boys II - GLA
U12 (2010) Boys II - GLA
U11 (2011) Boys II - GLA
U10 (2012) Boys II - GLA

Now is the time to join! All of our RDA players will get the opportunity to train and play in a top learning environment, compete in the best leagues that are unrivaled, and have an experience that will last a life time.

Scott Gibson

Scott Gibson

Academy Director

Phone: (412) 325-7226