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Player Post - Mark Lindstrom

By Caitlyn Frolo, 06/15/20, 9:45AM EDT


Mark Lindstrom is excited to step onto the field at Highmark Stadium this summer, after a knee injury in preseason, rehab and quarantine.

“The last time I played a real game was November,” Lindstrom said. “It’s been a while so I’m excited to play once more.”

The defender will enter his rookie season with the Hounds and has been training hard to get back into playing shape. 

Lindstrom said he would work out at the gym in his apartment complex. He had also been able to connect with his teammates over the past few months, something he said was easy, being an open person who likes making friends.

“We have good chemistry and connection,” Lindstrom said.

Growing up playing soccer in Sweden, where Lindstrom says it is one of the biggest sports other than ice hockey, he began playing for fun with friends around 6 or 7 years old.

When he eventually progressed to the biggest team in his city, he began taking the sport much more seriously and treated the game as a lifestyle.

Since the Hounds have resumed in-person training, Lindstrom said he has been working extra on passing and fitness, mentioning there is a certain toughness in the pros, as compared to college play. 

“I don’t like to limit myself and just do stuff, it’s different from other sports,” Lindstrom said. “Other sports you can focus on five or six drills for the role you want to play but for me I want to be good at everything.”

During quarantine, Lindstrom has been well-rounded with a variety of activities, including reading, playing chess, watching Netflix and hanging by the pool at his apartment complex.

“I like to read a lot,” Lindstrom said. “I’m [currently] re-reading ‘The Alchemist’ for maybe the fifth time. It’s really good.”

Meanwhile in the esports realm, Lindstrom was the Hounds’ representative for the FIFA20 tourney that the league held this past month. Although he did not play video games that much, he said he began playing the game a lot to represent the team well.

“I maybe played a bit more than usual,” Lindstrom said. “It was fun to be able to do something for the fans and everybody watching.”